Candy Fun

Puzzle-match game for your Android phone or tablet

  • Category Puzzle
  • Program license Free (ads)
  • Version
  • Works under: Windows 8.1 / Windows 8
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Stormtek

Candy Fun is a quick and simple game from games publisher Flonga. The game is very easy to master, and is based on a simple, somewhat capitalistic premise. Basically, the player must use a money float to establish a candy production business by buying the machines and providing an adequate supply of the raw materials. The various machines need to be refilled with syrups from time to time, and also need maintenance periodically.

When you first begin, you are encouraged by the on-screen tutorial to purchase a chocolate-making machine and a milk chocolate machine. The milk chocolate machine, when kept topped up with milk chocolate produces chocolate by the bucketful. The bucketful must be clicked on and dropped into the chocolate-maker which, after a short time, spits out a box of chocolates, all packaged and ready for market. The player's final job is to drop the box onto a conveyor belt that carries it off the screen and to market, after which six-hundred dollars appears in the player's virtual bank account.

The essential aim of the game is to make a million dollars as quickly as possible, and therefore, canny players will quickly realise that they need to set up more machines and service them and buy the raw materials that keep them working – all without spending too much cash on the machines and risk running out of money, stock or being unable to repair the machinery.

This game is very easy to play – although the conveyor belt is a little bit glitchy, sometimes requiring multiple clicks to put the box on the belt and return to other activities on the factory floor. The very ease of the game-play could easily work against it as the actions very quickly become repetitive and irksome, rather than challenging and fun.

Admittedly, once there are multiple machines all in production, churning out an almost endless stream of goods and boosting one's income in a most satisfactory fashion, there is a kind of impulse to continue, to make more sweets, to make more money, to get to that elusive million dollar mark. But it is not the kind of game that you can play while chatting: your full attention needs to be on the buckets and boxes and packages that your machines are producing, you need to be fast to repair machines to get them back into working order and any interruptions by the real world tend to result in screaming outbursts of frustrated consumerism…


  • Quick simple game, easy to master


  • Not a very exciting game field
  • The game quickly becomes tedious and pointless, while still being addictive – so you keep playing even though you are bored with it!
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